Set in a popular hot spot in Braddon, spoiled sisters Fiordiligi and Dorabella run their own café which has
been gifted to them by their wealthy father. Cynical Don Alfonso aims prove to their fiancés, Duntroon
graduates Guglielmo and Ferrando, that all women are the same and, when put to the test, will not
remain faithful to their partners. He makes a bet with the young army officers they cannot refuse. The
young men pretend to be deployed overseas then transform themselves into unrecognisable men that
try to tempt the young ladies with their affections.
Will the temptation prove too great? Add Despina, the girls'; scheming employee, into the mix along with
some truly magnificent moustaches, and the stage is set for a hilarious series of mishaps and

Principal Cast:

Fiordiligi: Keren Dalzell

Ferrando: Andrew Barrow

Dorabella: Clare Hedley

Guglielmo: Nathanael Patterson

Despina: Katrina Wiseman

Don Afonso: Peter Smith