Current Committee

President | Stephanie McAlister

Vice-President | Andrew Barrow

Treasurer | Janene Broere

Secretary | Karyn Tisdell

General Committee

  • Elisha Holley

  • Christina Philipp

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A Musical Journey

Canberra Opera Inc started as Canberra Opera Workshop (COW) in 2011 by David and Margot Reedy. Under this format COW produced Donizetti's The Elixir of Love followed by Mozart's The Magic Flute. The company incorporated in 2013 following this David and Margot allowed the company to grow independently. David continues to run vocal tuition through his studio David Reedy Bel Canto Voice Studio.

Canberra Opera is a community based opera company providing specialised training and opera performance experience for singers.

Established in 2011, Canberra Opera's objectives are;

  1. To advance, promote and develop opera or other forms of musical theatre through productions and events, and by commissioning and presenting opera, musical theatre and other works in Canberra and the surrounding regions

  2. To advance, promote and develop the performance of opera or other forms of musical theatre through providing training, development and performance opportunities for Australian based potential opera singers, artists, conductors, musicians and arts workers involved in the production of opera and musical theatre

  3. To provide the Canberra region with access to affordable productions of opera and other forms of musical theatre

  4. To present to as many people of the Canberra region and at the highest possible level

  5. To explore new ways of presenting opera and musical theatre to audiences in non-traditional venues and utilising new technology where possible to increase access and opportunity for as many people as possible

  6. To promote, produce, commission or present opera and musical theatre in collaboration with companies and art forms

  7. to establish and maintain a Public Fund to be called the Canberra Opera Fund (the fund) (or as such other name as decided by the Committee and notified to the Department) for the specific purpose of supporting the cultural objects and purposes of the Association

  8. any other objectives determined by the Committee which are consistent with the above objective

  9. to cooperate with other organisations in the furtherance of these objectives

Canberra ACT 2601, Australia

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